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Sleep No More Dream Cast - Oct. 2012 (tagged by Bloody Business)

OMG!  I was in the middle of watching Woody Allen’s “Stardust Memories” when this popped up on my iTouch.  Obviously, the movie is not good enough so far to distract me from this VERY daunting task presented to me by The Bloody Business.  I wish it could be open to all alumni as well.  Damn those rules! But, I accept the challenge with boldness so here goes:

Alba Albanese is my favorite Annabella.  I guess this a cheat to start with since she’s the only one playing this role but MUST be mentioned as she has altered my perspective on so many things and I can’t thank her enough for all her time, effort, plants, and potions.

Man in Bar - Nick Atkinson's Maximillian - From the moment I stepped into Manderley he has always welcomed me with open arms.  Well, as much as one can with a cocktail in one hand.  He is always a delight and I so enjoy all of his stories.

Woman in Bar - Elizabeth Romanski’s Violet - Along with Maxim, she also was one of the first people to invite me into The McKittrick.  She is the delicious Hedda Hopper of Manderley.  Always has the gossip on everyone and everything.  She makes me laugh whenever she retells the story of the guest who keeps complaining about having lost her ring.  ”Did you look for it?” Violet asked this mysterious woman. “Where was the last place you remember seeing it?,” Violet would continue as her eyes rolled back into her head.  The woman was unresponsive but just muttered some nonsense. Well…Violet did try to be helpful anyway.  What more is a hostess to do?

MacBeth - And now it starts to get troubling with the no double casting rule.  I haven’t seen Joe Poulson perform this role so I can’t give him my vote.  I would agree with Glamis and pick Paul Zivkovich.  I find he has such strength and a looming physical presence.  His actions always seem so immediate and in the moment.

Lady MacBethTori Sparks - Must agree with Cawdor and Glamis on this one as well.  If Natalie Thomas were still performing, there would certainly be more of a challenge in my pick.  Tori was my first and made such an impression upon me during those first few visits, it’s hard to look elsewhere.  Plus, once, I was doing a workshop and saw Tori sitting on a bench and started to gush and giggle to her about my love for the show.  Believe me, this does not happen often.  Longing to see Isadora Wolfe in the role.

MacDuff - Ugh!  Now I’m starting to feel a bit guilty about having to choose someone.  But,  Joe Poulson has taken over this role for me.  His solidity and strength are so well rooted in every aspect of his being.  He’s really someone you can count on when the chips are down.

Need to speed this up now…it’s getting difficult and I need to get through this.

Lady MacDuff Isadora  Wolfe - I can’t look away from her.  Her gaze is so powerful and revealing.  She makes me cry every damn time I’m with her.   Haylee and Lily - I love you too!  This is torture.  

Banquo - Jeffrey Lyon - The man just haunts me.  I feel his dreams and if given the chance, I would stand up and avenge his death.

Malcolm - William Popp - Although I have yet to be “popped”, the depths of his despair over the loss of his father always gets to me.  I was in the interrogation with him the other night and I thought to myself (after wanting to duck down), does it get any better than this?

Duncan - Eric Jackson Bradley - the man put his hand on my heart and told me I was alive and I cried for the entire next loop as I watched his time just ticking away second by second.

Hecate - Careena Melia - She wields too much power over me to even consider anyone else.  She seeps into my dreams.

Bald Witch - Kelly Bartnik - She’s a total commando, navy seal of a witch.  Scares the crap out of me.  She could totally beat me up with one hand tied behind her back.  Even with all that strength, she can be incredibly tender and loving (as long as you do exactly what she wants)

Sexy Witch - Marla Phelan - those eyes of hers - at times she can seduce you with her “but I’m just a girl eyes” and then the true femme fatale takes you along for the rest of the ride.  

Boy Witch - David Botana - totally crazy, totally fun, and totally sexy.  Yet his crooning moment is so open and available.  I think he truly lets us see inside to the person he once was during that song.  I know I keep saying that I can’t look away from her or him when they meet my gaze but this is so true with David.  Once on the streets of Gallow Green, he got me so excited before the Rave I was literally jumping up and down.  That seemed to excite him too, which of course, excited me even more.

Catherine Campbell - Emily Terndrup  - This character has developed so much since I first started coming to the McKittrick.  Emily has redefined the role for me and frankly, I haven’t been able to follow anyone else in it since (although I have had other things on mind as well).

Agnes Naismith - Chelsea Bonosky - From the get go, Agnes has always been one of my favorite characters.  In the beginning before I was able to follow her entire cycle, she was always just a Bambi-like creature to me.  Lost in the wilderness and desperately trying to find her sister.  And then, I discovered what she was capable of once she realized that she is surrounded by people who are trying to manipulate and control her.  Chelsea brings all these things out in her.  And her tears…the Rep Bar is flooded with them.

Porter - Nicholas Bruder - He will always be my Porter (whether he likes my hanging around him or not).  Outside of some of his life choices, I believe this man has love to give.

J. Fulton - Matthew Oaks - His performance of this role is so fresh in my mind from a couple of weeks ago, it’s hard to think of anyone else.  He portrays such and incredibly layered character.  Such morality and yet if tested too much, you feel he could totally fall.  He’s like the Johnny Cash of The McKittrick. 

Speakeasy Bartender - Tony Bordonaro - My feelings for him are completely unrequited.  He never gives me the shot and I never get to play cards.  Somehow, this makes me want to get even closer.  Maybe it’s his devotion to the tasks he’s been given.  I am a commitmentaholic in many ways so I can relate.

James the Bellhop / Mr. Bargarran - Edward Rice - I adore Edward’s sensitivity in this role.  Yes, he has a few problems and issues to work out but so what.  It’s all about the teddy bear to me.  That moment says so much about everything.

Nurse Shaw - Ching I-Chang - because she totally freaked me out the first time I was alone with her and I became bewitched.  That and the dance she does on the table (what is that called anyway?).  For some reason, even though it hurts, I HAVE to jump through the window into the forest when I’m following her.  I can never just use the door.

Matron Lang - Mia Mountain - She welcomed me into her home, spoon fed me like I was her own child, and told me a story.  Of course, soon her dulcet tender tones proceeded to grab hold of my heart and rip it out of my chest.  This made me love her all the more.

The Orderly - To be honest, I don’t know who he was and have never seen him again but he haunted me for days.  He may not be in the cast anymore.  

Phew…glad that’s over.  

I will tag Dreaming of Manderley and Scorched the Snake.  You’re it.

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