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Three masked Tumblrs walk into the Speakeasy (10/9/12)

Three masked Tumblrs walk into the Speakeasy.  The first one looks at the Bartender behind the counter and says nothing.  The second one looks at the Bartender and says nothing.  The third one looks at the other two Tumblrs and says…

I’ve been trying to think of a punchline for this ever since Tuesday night (well, that’s my excuse for not posting anything before now anyway).  There has to be a joke in here somewhere.  Very difficult, though, since technically no one should be saying anything with their mask on.  I’m not really a joke teller, joke maker, or a joker of any kind.  After a few cocktails, my bantering skills may improve and I can throw out a few good zingers but I’m never the kind of person who says “Hey, you gotta hear this one…”

If anyone can think of an end to what is probably not a joke at all, please let me know.

The reason I had this phrase in my head anyway was because on Tuesday night (Tumblr Tuesday), during the 2nd loop, three Tumblrs actually did walk into the Speakeasy fairly simultaneously.  We were actually the only three people in there during that moment.  The Bartender was in washing up/sorting cards mode and it was very pleasant to be in such good company.  It just made me smile knowing this info.   Fleep No More was to my right (who I had seen before the show) and I’m almost certain Frances Konan was to my left (who I’ve never actually met but I had glimpsed sight of her outside The McKittrick).  We all stood there, observing Mr. Bartender (Eric Bradley), enjoying the moment until Sexy Witch (Ching-I Chang), being trailed by a gang of followers,  came in for her glass of champagne and a dance.  Mr. Speakeasy didn’t want her orange candy, so she passed it to me (yum!). She then proceeded to whisk one of us away for an intimate moment.  A few seconds later it made me laugh when the Bartender made his wrathful phone call because I now knew who was on the receiving end.  It was one of my favorite moments of the night.  

Except for having a lovely conversation with Fleep No More in Manderley afterwards, I didn’t get to spend any time with the other Tumblrs as I couldn’t go to Gallow Green prior to entry.  I did meet To Manderley Again and Who Keeps With Wolves VERY briefly when aces were called.  I did see To Manderley Again running about the hotel later and after reading his recap now I know why he seemed rather excited (congrats!).   

  • Met the dashing Balthazar in Manderley who was partnered with both Violet and Leopold.  Violet told me Balthazar was an old friend of Charlie McKittrick and was perhaps a bit of a dilettante.  When was the last time anyone saw Charlie McKittrick?  He must not be back from his champagne tasting yet although it has been going on for a very long time.  
  • I finally got to fill in some gaps I was missing with Sexy Witch and the Speakeasy Bartender (although he is so damn hard to follow sometimes as he makes some sneaky exits through that back room).  When I follow him again, I definitely need to anticipate his movement more.  I love both of these performers.  Eric is something of a chameleon to me.  Whenever I see him in a different role, at first glance, I’m never quite sure if it’s him or not.  His character interpretations are so different and I think he does an amazing job of changing his physicality with each one.  Ching-I’s Sexy Witch is so beautiful, very sexy, gentle, and then sometimes she makes the skin of her face so tight you think it’s just going to rip open and some kind of succubus is going to pop out.  
  • Boy Witch (David Botana) slow danced with me at the Ball.  Moments like this are always when I’m grateful to have a mask on.  I’m not a very good dancer and that kind of situation is usually a bit traumatic (especially when I get spun about).  I don’t think I stepped on his toes anyway.  Thank goodness there was no dipping. 
  • I thought the new MacDuff (Patrick Ferreri) was doing a very good job on his 2nd night out.  Lily and Patrick made a very lovely couple and he was already full of details and emotion.  Can’t wait to see him once he settles in along with any other characters he may eventually play.  
  • I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the return of Sophie Bortolussi as Lady MacBeth.  I didn’t get to spend too much time with her but the moment between her and her husband as they arrive at the Banquet, standing before their peers,  gave me chills.  I think the look in her eyes was really saying “More! More! More!” The taste of blood didn’t seem at all displeasing to her.
  • Before departing, Fleep No More and I did get to spend a little time with Annabella before she went up to say goodnight to her garden.  She gave us some fresh herbs and advised us to get some protection prior to Carnival Corbeaux.  We will need it.  Fleep - I think that’s why the pouch fell off your shelf.  Her warning must be heeded.

Till next time.  Any if anyone can think of a punchline to my misguided opening of a joke just let me know.

  1. dreamingofmanderley said: "I found the ring, bitches!" (does a dance, grabs a shot of whiskey and downs it and walks out). End scene.
  2. franceskoncan said: i love this! it totally was me. i’m so sad i didn’t get a chance to meet you. we’ll have to arrange a next time for sure. <3
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